8 steps to create a business website

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The technological and informational development of the globe. Making individuals and companies seeking to create an entity with online ‘ For the purpose of being part of the human and commercial activity.

What are the basic steps to create a business website

Select a clear goal

Each business website differs from the other in terms of the different services provided therein.  For example, the site that will sell products from which must be designed in a manner consistent with this trend

A business website without a clear goal will take time, effort and money without a satisfactory result.

Select the needs of potential customers

Always the customer is king, you can survey the wishes of potential customers, through a search in the search engines or ask questions directly to the people you know,  or through social networking sites. This method enables you to define priorities in building your business website.

Start writing

Before you start designing your site. Start writing what you want to say to your visitors. Mark your terms simple and understandable, and you should use attractive style to make visitor enjoys reading and remains at the site as long as possible.

Create a brand

The brand is the name, logo, external appearance, writing style and methods of marketing, they make your project a distinct entity from the rest of the project. One of the main points of emphasis. Domain. Logo and targeting certain customers.

Choose a domain name

A domain is a name of which is access to your site,  do not choose a domain just to create a website, but you must carefully choose to arise Brand project lasts and evolves day after day.

It is recommended that the number of letters Domain between 10 and 15 characters, and is the easiest word so that the customer can save it in his memory and access to him directly.

It is advisable to choose the (.com)  extension as the most popular and bye other extensions(.net .org. info…) and linked to the site if it’s a possible, to keep the name of the site. If you are prepared to pay money in order to get a domain distinct advise you to search in Sedo, but if you do not want to pay more money you allocated enough time to find a good domain.

Choose a reliable host

Choosing a good hosting is among the fundamentals of a successful project. Hosting companies provide many services, domains, hosting, domain transfer service, Marketing & SEO Tools, free and paid templates…. Hosting is selected on the basis of services provided and the prices.

In my personal opinion, Hosting Green geeks  is the best host in terms of services and prices

Design your website in a professional manner

There must be a consensus between the shape of the site and the content displayed in it. In terms of colors and display information. And easy navigation between pages. So it must be given sufficient time to design.Or you can buy a ready design. But at the beginning of the project that it can use the free designs provided in hosting companies.

Use SEO tools

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting a free manner traffic

Targeting the search engines is the optimum thing that you should do. To help people find your business online. The more your ranking in search engines has increased the number of visitors to your site, and therefore, strong promote your business



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